Steve Pereira's Photographism | About me


I'm based in Yealmpton, in the South Hams, Devon, and have been making photos for so many years I don't really want to count (but it's about 23). It is my aim to have happy customers, so what you want is paramount to the session you book.

Combined with an eye for detail, an engineers precision (my previous career), as well as an artists eye (I've painted for even more years than photographing), I firmly believe the best photos are ones that tell a story. When it comes to weddings I also remember that the day is about the happy couple, not the photographer. I'm very friendly and can get a subject (or many subjects) relaxed and smiling, (Despite the grumpy looking photos of me).

For commercial or industrial photography, your requirements are discussed in detail before any planning and photography occur to ensure that you will be get what you need and expect for your business.

I have a fully portable studio with back ups for every major piece of equipment so, even if there is a technical issue, your satisfaction is assured.

I'm proud to be using Pentax products (namely a medium format, 40Mpx, 645D and 'normal' K-5) as well as so many lenses and accessories I have to hide them lest my wonderful wife sighs ...

oh .. and finally, no, Photographism isn't a real word, I just made it up...